ALA 50 Project

During the Offshore Grand Prix from Italy in Stressa, Monte Carlo Automobile received the “Green light” and endorsement from the FiA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile)for the Monte Carlo Automobile “Quadri-Fuel” car development (powered with bio-ethanol, hydro-methane, fuel and GPL).

The “Quadri-Fuel” car that MCA is developing is known as the ALA 50. The Company’s founder Fulvio Maria Ballabio designed the ALA 50, and is building it in conjunction with father-and-son partnership Guglielmo and Roberto Bellasi. The trio have previously worked together on other projects.

The name ALA 50 is a tribute to Prince Albert’s 50th birthday in March, and also symbolizes the model’s aerodynamic system, styled on those found in wing cars. Made entirely of carbon fiber, the car features a 650-horsepower V8 engine put together by Christian Contzen, the former CEO of Renault Sport, and Daniel Trema, who is currently helping engineering firm Mecachrome prepare for the GP2 series.

The Fuel and Quadri-Fuel models will be based on the Alfa Romeo V8 engine but branded MCA. The Diesel version will be based on the award winning Peugeot “Le Mans “engine and all cars (Except Diesel version) will be functioning with the F-1 KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). In addition, all cars will be in full carbon fiber frames and equipped with MCA proprietary Gear Box technology

Superior interior finish will be guaranteed and will also include:

  1. Interior design signed by Prada or MOMO Design
  2. Integrated Black Box data registraton
  3. Sattelite Anti-Theft tracker
  4. Invisible shield technology coating for Bullet proof windows
  5. Touch surface technology for control buttons
  6. ECIE Engineering internal and external lighting
  7. Clarion full multimedia solution with rear view cameras
  8. Frank Müller / Cartier watch (under scrutiny)
  9. Polarized sun shading system

The cars will be equipped with the MCA proprietary “Dual Position” suspension system (High and Low). The car tuning will be taken care of by former Honda Racing tuning engineer.


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